Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review 1: Silly's

Since I am a long ways from home, it feels nice to think of all the vegan friendly places where I used to eat. And since Portland, ME has some of the most restaurants per capita in the US of A – unless they just tell us that to make us feel important, which is entirely possible and rather nice of them – my reminiscing will not be too obscure, I hope!

On the spot rating system is as follows: one heart is the sort of ‘go there if you gotta’ type dig, five hearts is a fave.

Without further a due, here’s my first review!

Rating: <3<3<3<3<3
Price range: $$
Vegan only?: No

What better pleasure than to brag about my favorite restaurant?

Silly’s, located on the edge of down town Portland, is a place where nostalgia and new age excitement come for sangria. Walk in and appreciate the beaded, pom-pom and foam flower covered lampshades, red sparkle chairs, and, of course, the walls covered in pictures of adventuring customers with their ‘Eat at Silly’s’ bumper stickers. To get to the heart of it, Silly’s is the ideal kooky-college-kid-corner where everyone will find something to smile about – especially when it comes to the food.

If you are wondering where to start, I say first this is first: sweet potato fries. They are the most amazing potato goodness you could ever ask for. Ask to have them made in the vegan fryer, and if you are feeling especially inclined to appetizers, do the same for their fried pickles (and the vegan decadence… Okay, I’m done!).

The range of food here will make your vegan and carnivore friends alike coming back for more: thai food, burgers, burritos, you name it! The staff is extremely accommodating and open to questions, so feel free to ask their favorite dish and be adventurous. They have a back yard deck which is open in the summer that is fabulously quirky, so do head on back there if it is nice out, and especially if it is night out!

My personal favorite main dishes are Good Golly Miss Bolly and Gone Bonzo, but really everything is worth trying, and most items can be made vegan. The one thing you absolutely must try is their vegan cake. Ohmygoodness. Just remember to stay calm when you see how big of a slice they are serving you and be assured that yes, it is vegan! (The picture below is courtesy of Vegan Corporate Life - in her review of Silly’s she notes what dishes are vegan, so definitely check it out!).

We all need to remember that ‘the universe is a very silly place,’ and what better time to do so than with happy bellies? There is no place dearer to my heart. May you all enjoy it some day! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recipe Numero Uno: BROWNIES!!

First, let's go over the meaning of "cooking" in college.
  • Creating original recipes is wonderful... to dream about, and maybe will happen in the future! But for now I am a reviewer and at most a variator, since there is homework to do, and no money to spend, so, fancy, shmancy! 
  • Every finished product can find a better version in your kitchen! The ovens here are... interesting, and so is my attention span, so just imagine the outcome about +20% more wonderful and you have the real thing! 

Anyways, BROWNIES!